USMLE Step 1

ok, I'm half way through registration, and I have to specify a date and my question is, can I change the date when I assign it?

this is the dad recently had a heart attack, and a close friend committed suicide because of his sexual orientation...I'm just filled with anger, grief, sorrow, and just flabbergasted at the turn of events....I feel really lost and lonely, that maybe I could have done more to help it any case, I spoke to the dean, and he said, any leave of absence greater than 90 days, would cause you to repeat 2nd year...I've finished and done well in most of my classes, and I have 2 months I'm sure I can battle it out...

in any case I'm just trying to make it through on a day by day basis, but I have to pick a date for the step, I'm also scared that I'm going to lose my dad, since his cardiovascular signs were horrendous, his total cholesterol is 300, LDL 200, ejection factor 35%...his like on 10 medications right now...I'm just scared that if I can't take the step 1 at the assigned date can I move the date back? and if I can't take the step 1 this year....can I get refunded back with my money? it's 435$ not exactly pocket change...

does anybody know how stringent the USMLE people are?


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Jul 21, 2003

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I'd just like to offer my sympathies. Keep your head up, things'll turn around. My father suffered a heart attack as well (he's fine now, thank god) so I know what that's like. But like I said, keep looking up.




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      You actually pick a 3 month window when registering for step I. It's very easy to change your date during that three month window, you just have to do so online at least 5 days before your test date. If you want to pick date after that three month window, you will have to call them and pay a fee. I believe that they do have a refund policy too, but they also probably have a fee associated with that too. You can call the phone number on their website for more information; you may be able to get your 3 month window changed if you call now before they have completed your registration papers.


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      Jan 29, 2004
        I changed my date (and site) within my 3 month slot. I called and talked to a fabulous lady and it was not a problem. (I had originally picked my date and site online.)

        Here's how it's stated in the 2004 USMLE bulliten

        "If you are unable to keep your testing appointment on the scheduled date(s) or at the scheduled location, you may change your date(s) or center by contacting Prometric. You will need to provide your Prometric Confirmation Number when you reschedule.

        "To avoid a rescheduling fee, you must make the request to reschedule your appointment at least five business days before your appointment. If you are testing in the United States or Canada, you must make your request by noon eastern time at least five business days before your appointment. If you are testing outside the United States or Canada, you must make your request by noon local time of the call center you are contacting to schedule your appointment at least five business days before your appointment.

        "When contacting Prometric, you must speak with a representative. Leaving a voice mail message does not satisfy the requirement to provide advance notice. If you provide less than five business days' notice, Prometric will charge you a fee to reschedule your test date(s). Your rescheduled test date(s) must fall within your assigned eligibility period."

        It doesn't say anything more deferring it beyond the 3 month assignment, but First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2003 says "if you need to reschedule outside your initial three-month period, you much submit a new application along with another application fee."

        I agree with ckent that if you've not even been assigned your 3-month period, you may be able to change it by calling Prometrics NOW.

        Remember, the $435 might not be easy to come by, it's probably easier than trying to get an opportunity to explain your Step 1 scores to residency programs. You've got to do what's best for you. Take care of yourself physically and mentally.

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