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USMLE World? has anyone had any experiences with this product?


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 3, 2004
NY-philly metro area
I have had very good experiences with the USMLE WORLD and I would rank it above kaplan believe it or not. I like the break down of the subject matters. I did about 1600 questions in that thing. I was averaging around 50-55%. I also did the kaplan qbank too. I got around 67-68% on that. so like the usmleworld says the questions are harder. I think the usmleworld questions are harder than the nbme questions (CSSA or whatever they are called). I think some of the nms questions are ridiculous and don't pertain anything to the real exam. I don't think that is the case with the usmle world. all questions on that thing is dead-on. my real step 2 however was very hard and I was so sure that I failed that I started studying for a re-take of the step 2. much to my relief i scored 211/86. i am thrilled. so my advice is that is you have time (i.e two weeks) give usmle world a go because it is legit. please post or give me a private message if you have any questions about usmle world. the thing for me is that I like to study by learning the answers and reading the explanations to practice questions that I did. I also like to supplement that by reading pertinent sections to first aid and crush step 2 to fortify my preparation.
when are you taking the exam. at what stage of preparation are you at (ie what have you done so far to prep for the exam)
good luck again


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Nov 14, 2003
United States
how are you doing.. thank you so so much for youre advice.. actually I have been doing Kaplan material (lecture notes) with my core rotations since approximately November.. and feeling good about things as far as studying for step II is concerned.. I have finished up USMLE World Step II Qbank once already, and doing a repeat this month.. and I want to finish up Kaplan stuff too as far as questions - Qbank and Qbook.. well my scores in USMLE World are approximately the same.. sometimes I can pull a 70s range score, but rarely.. mainly when I am reading medicine.. seems like I hit higher scores when I am reading medicine.. well almost finished up with everything once (as far as subjects for the exam).. just have a little Ob Gyn to do, and then epidemiology / ethics,.. and then I want to prepare a substantial time with medicine again, since it is supposedly the highest yield.. almost done with my core and elective rotations.. waiting to take this USMLE step II exam.. although I will have to take it when it is in the new format of Step II Clinical Knowledge.. hope I do ok.. congrats on youre score!! and of course most importantly congrats on finishing it.. thank you so so much for youre advice on that new product.. it seems really good.. I really like the explanations in it too. I do about 100 , well actually 92 questions a day, and that takes seemingly forever.. usually takes around 3 to 4 hours to go over all of the questions and explanations.. and I was soo tired the first time after I had finished them up.. now they have 1750 questions.. anyways.. just have to keep moving I guess.. thanks so much again..:thumbup:
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