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    hey guys i have noticed some explanations on uw incomplete to the point that it might cause some people to get a couple answers wrong. Im just wondering if you guys have had the same feeling? I hope it is just me since a lot of people here regard it as a quite authoritative source.

    Anyways Im just confused with Sensorineural hearing loss in which in their explanation they say "that air conduction is better than bone conduction".

    I got the question right since that fact was not part of it, but to my understanding if you have sensorineural hearing loss you have NO CONDUCTION, and that is why you get a Weber that lateralizes to the normal ear (only one with bone conduction) and the Rinne in THAT EAR HAS BETTER AIR THE BONE CONDUCTION which is normal.

    Correct me on that guys, but if I am wrong I had a big misconception of the whole process!!! :eek::eek::eek: :laugh:
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    I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to put this in the Kaplan forum, but I'm not sure which Step you are studying for. Let me know and we can put this thread in a better place.

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