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USMLE World vs RX vs Kaplan Q bank

the prodogy

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Feb 21, 2007
  1. Pre-Medical
    I need advice,

    I'm just about to start second year and I wanted to do questions throughout the year. I was wondering which one I should do. I wanted to save the one that mimics the exam for last. So if RX is the one that mimics the real thing the most, I wanted to save that for the last 2 months I have.

    Here are my questions:
    1) List which one from best to worse
    2) List which one mimics the real exam from best to worse

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    Dec 6, 2008
    1. Non-Student
      I did all three, and I recommend doing them all if possible. Since you are just starting 2nd year, that shouldn't be a real problem. I haven't received my Step score yet (took it June 18) but scored between 247-263 on the 3 practice tests I took (NBME 7, Uworld 1 and 2).

      I recommend doing Rx throughout 2nd year, which helps reinforce First Aid and is a good study aid for whatever subject you are on in class. I would do Kaplan and Uworld when you start the serious Step studying. In my opinion Uworld is most like the test, but is actually a little harder because it does not have as many "gimmie" questions as you will find on the real exam. I thought Kaplan was pretty good as well, especially the "High Yield" questions.

      I did Uworld 1x and took a 1 or 2 sentence note on every question I missed or got right for the wrong reason and would review those every couple of days. Then I did all the questions I got wrong the week before the test. So it worked out to doing Uworld more than once.

      Personally I learn best by doing questions and learning by what I missed. If that works for you I would highly recommend doing all 3 qbanks. In the end its worth the money you spend to get the score you want. The more questions you do, the better your score.

      To answer your question I would rate the qbanks Uworld > Kaplan > Rx, and would do them in reverse order.


      only one will survive
      Aug 6, 2010
      1. Medical Student
        1. USMLE World - easily the best, most high yield detail. Questions are tougher, 4-5 step questions which test your comprehension ability and the ability to put two and two together.

        2. Kaplan Qbank - often times very tough but for me it was a good one; many of the questions are nitpicky but helped me learn some of the finer detail. Some very cool features including question explanations which are 5 minute ppt lectures from expert faculty on the topic. Raymon is the king of pharm, for the record. Also you can filter out a lot of the crap questions by using the "high yield" button.

        3. Rx... meh. I didn't like it. Obnoxious format on the website, questions were essentially just memorization of FA detail, which I could do on my own. There were also a lot of blatantly wrong answers and the "percent correct" didn't seem to make much sense at times.

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