USUHS credit for retirement pay

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Feb 14, 2016
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Got my retirement orders today, about 8 months out from freedom. As expected, my "section 1405" years on my orders are 4 years short, presumably due to not counting my USUHS time. I remember people talking about this issue over 20 years ago when I was there. At this point, I am convinced it is an attempt to defraud rather than simple incompetence. There have been way too many USUHS retirees that have ran this gauntlet for anyone to claim ignorance. So, does anyone who has been through this have any tips other than bringing "the memo" to my DD214 appointment? Has anyone had to resort to legal action? Would definitely be worth it ($18k/yr difference in my case). Oh, and the Green Weenie still owes me another $18k in board cert pay which they inexplicably dropped in 2012. I am so done.