Mar 5, 2012
Other Health Professions Student
Hi all! I'm applying for the PhD program in Env. health/sciences for Fall 2014. I was wondering if anyone, who enrolled or graduated, would like to share your experience. I would really appreciate it, Thank you! =)

Undergrad Institution: UC-Riverside
Undergrad GPA: 3.017 Major Biological Sciences (pre-med) and Environmental Sciences minor
MPH GPA: 3.78 (hopefully 3.84 by graduation) Environmental Health
GRE: 152V/157Q/4.0W, December 2011

Related experience:
Lab assistant for almost 2 years in microbiology/botany; mostly PCR preparation
-Mission volunteer trip to a children's health clinic in El Salvador

Measuring particulate matter and black carbon levels from environmental tobacco smoke in downtown San Diego nightlife
-Thesis on measuring ambient air particulate matter and black carbon and source apportionment in Santiago, Chile.
-Graduate Assistant (GA) for graduate course environmental determinants of health

Research intern for American Lung Association, working on measuring indoor exposure to particulate matter from environmental tobacco smoke in multi-housing units.