Jul 15, 2009
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Dear All

I have been admitted to UT-Houston for Fall of 2010 in the Division of Community Health. My main focus will be in Global Health and the school offers a GH concentration. My question pertains to the strength of the program at UT-Houston. I attended visit day and was impressed by the opportunities that they had available for their students but am hesitant on accepting admission. I understand that they rank 12th by US News but that methodology is questionable. I would appreciate any info from past/current students at UT-Houston in any discipline that can offer more insight on the overall program at UT-Houston School of Public Health. Any info would help with my decision making process. I have also been accepted to USF(Global Disease), Tulane(International Development) and SUNY Albany(Behavioral Science). I need to make a decision by April 1st so any comments will help.