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Nov 5, 2008
Medical Student
I hope I'm not violating any terms by posting this here, but I'm hoping someone would really help me out. If you received an interview offer for 12/8/2008 from UTHSC San Antonio and it makes no difference to you, please consider switching with my interview spot for 12/15/2008. I had planned and bought tickets for a vacation that week, which I'm hoping I won't have to lose money on.

I will say about my interview date that the email stated "Unfortunately, due to the winter break, our students are unable to provide housing prior to your interview day." But in case somebody reading this hasn't made lodging plans for their 12/8 interview date and does not mind waiting until 12/15 to inteview, it would mean a lot to me if we switched dates.

Hopefully somebody will see this and help me out! Thanks!


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Feb 28, 2007
Hey man, I had a similar situation and it totally worked out. SDN is a wonderful place, best of luck!
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