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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by alexlearning, Oct 30, 2002.

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    Hi Gang. I'm new to the board and I'd like to say thanks for all the candid insights - I've been reading for 2 hours straight.

    My question is about Post-Bac - I went to Georgetown undergrad an earned an English/Theology degree - but I need to take ALL of my pre-med requirements. The threads on post-bac programs are naturally divided - big name/intense program/big cost versus state school/great GPA/low cost. Most seem to agree that the numbers speak above all else - so first a broad question:

    Would I be well served to go to a state school (I'm looking at UW Madison) and kick butt over the next year and a half and do so relatively cheaply or go for the gusto (and the debt) at Harvard, Hopkins or Columbia? Cost is a factor and I might be able to get resident status since my fiance is from Wisconsin. (so maybe I just answered my own question - but it leads to...

    ...the second question:

    Does anyone know how the sciences are at Madison? Are the courses/professors strong, and will I be prepared adequately for the MCAT? Can anyone please recommend a prof I could talk to about starting my post-bac there? Any profs to recommend?

    Thanks for your help and for reading this - I am just starting the process and need all the help I can get! I know the honeymoon phase will erode rapidly but it's nice to read all the passion in your posts.

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