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    I was reading over an answer choice, regarding gallstone formation; went along the lines "inhibiting HMG CoA reductase would NOT predispose you to gallstones, it would help prevent gallstones by reducing the amount of de novo chol synthesis"

    Here's the problem:
    statins predispose you to gallstones.
    they inhibit HMG CoA reductase
    thereby UPREGULATING LDL receptors in the liver and therefore clear more cholesterol from the body.
    (The statin effect depends on upregulation of LDL receptors)
    as a result, more chol is harnessed by the liver;
    It attempts to rid itself of the massive amounts of excess cholesterol,
    @risk for gallstones.

    While it is true that upregulating HMG CoA reductase may put you at risk of gallstones (eg. estrogen upreg HMG CoA and LDL receptors); just inhibiting it not protective.

    I think the UW was wrong by giving an unqualified answer choice . Any thoughts?

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