Aug 21, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
So currently running through Uworld and about 3/4 finished. I have finished most of the hard sciences, averaging about 75%. When going over my questions, I have tried to spend about 1.5x to 2x the time it took to take the questions going over the answers.

Obviously the consensus is that 3rd party CARS just suck period. When going through cars I am focusing on technique, and critically breaking down the passages & understand the authors purpose. Is it worth it to actually go over the questions (right/wrong.... why it is wrong... what my logic was.... etc)? It seems the logic for most 3rd party cars are so off cue it wouldn't be beneficial and could even be detrimental to go through the logical reasoning for the questions.


2+ Year Member
Aug 10, 2017
  1. Medical Student
That’s my opinion. The way you are approaching it is what I would recommend

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