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VA Disability Exams on the side?


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Apr 26, 2012
  1. Medical Student

I am curious if any active-duty physicians have pursued doing part-time VA Disability Exams (Compensation and Pension, Comp and Pen, C&P) on the side of their active-duty military work? Is this even legal? I understand that many physicians who do such work are not part-time employees of the VA, but are treated as contractors (some are even sub-contractors to companies that then contract with the VA to perform such exams).

I participated in these exams as a resident, and they were (mostly) straight forward. I am not afraid of the adversarial undertones of such exams, and I actually enjoy the detective work of trying to dig through medical records for evidence of injury/treatment/functional impact, as well as medical literature supporting associations between exposure/injury and the claimed resultant condition.

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance.


Full Member
5+ Year Member
Nov 10, 2014
Even if you were somehow allowed to do it, it sounds like a mess. And ultimately you ARE working for the government/serving as a government agent even if it's hidden behind some contracting layers. I've seen similar things be very problematic for expert witnesses in federal trials.
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