Aug 19, 2017
Hi Folks!

I'm working on getting in to the grad school for Masters of Public Health Program. I'm vacillating between health promotion and health policy. I've thought about the pros and cons of both a lot. I am leaning towards health promotion but I'm worried about the opportunities after the degree. I'm worried if it would just be a watered down degree without a whole lot of value. My interest is working in the government sector after graduation. What are your thoughts on employment opportunities after graduation with a health promotion concentration? Another factor is pay, let's be real, in addition to creating good outcomes in the world getting financially reimbursed for it is critical as well so what do you guys think the salary would be like with a health promotion degree(pertaining to those employment opportunities)? I'm not that interested on the research track considering the years of school and that I would have loans I need to pay off at that point. I know policy is where things are at but I don't know if I'm really built for lobbying and things of that nature I just feel like the stress in the policy world is a little much. With that said, I want to do work influential on a national level if possible rather that just communities(which I wouldn't mind as a starter-- I used to be a community organizing intern for the city's health department). I might not be fully aware of opportunities with health policy though so please feel free to enlighten me! If you could also give me the pros and cons of health policy and health promotion and your thoughts on both of them, would truly appreciate it! Thank you :)

Some of my interests:
Inspiring people
Creating interventions
Public speaking
Impact a great number of people with my work and see results
Think big picture
Decision making

Want to be better at stats cause I know that working and numbers are so important especially when we drive towards change another reason I'm worried if health promotion with numbers would give me those skills sets :/
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Apr 4, 2012
It's less about your concentration than what job you land. There are a lot of jobs you can land with either concentration. But if you go strictly into a typical "health promotion" job, just know that they don't pay that well. Starting pay for some is less than the desk job you could land without an MPH.
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