VCOM-Virginia vs NSU KPCOM-Davie


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Nov 19, 2020
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    Hello everyone! I am currently finishing up the last year of my undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA. I have received acceptances to three schools so far: LMU DCOM, VCOM-Virginia Campus, and NSU KPCOM-Davie Campus. I have accepted the offers from/paid the deposits for LMU DCOM and VCOM-Virginia. I will be writing LMU DCOM to rescind my acceptance as I believe that VCOM-Virginia would be a better fit for me. However, I just received my acceptance to NSU KPCOM-Davie yesterday and am attempting to decide if I should put down the deposit on NSU KPCOM and attend NSU KPCOM-Davie instead of VCOM-Virginia.

    So everyone is aware of my financial position, as it may play a factor, I will be utilizing the GI Bill for medical school. The GI Bill will cover the same amount of my tuition (around $20,000 per year) regardless of which school I attend. It also provides a monthly housing allowance, which is proportional to the price of housing in the area (higher for NSU KPCOM-Davie than for VCOM-Virginia), but it only covers 36 months, so I likely will have to pay for housing my final year of school.

    VCOM - Virginia Campus
    • Close to my younger brother (will be a first-year at Virginia Tech next year) and possibly my parents (military parent, but it is likely their orders will remain in Virginia)
    • Smaller class size
    • Most likely closer to my significant other (They are considering PhD programs in NC, NY, IL, and MD)
    • I enjoy the outdoor activities, like hiking, that is available in Blacksburg
    • Fellow future students seem very welcoming
    • The faculty who interviewed me seemed to be very interested in me as a person not just as an application
    • The curriculum seems to be more structured than NSU
    • Cheaper COL and tuition (around $20,000 less than NSU)
    • Board pass rates higher than national average
    • Required to wear business casual to class
    • Very focused on family med/primary care (not sure what specialty I am interested in/have some interest in family med but don't want to limit myself for the future)
    • The 80% mandatory attendance policy for lectures was canceled as a result of COVID (it sounds like they plan to leave it canceled, but I haven't received any official confirmation that it will be, just unofficial)
    • I have lived in Blacksburg, VA for 4 years and know the area well, but am unsure if I will wish I had moved
    • Traditional cadaver lab
    • Partnership with Virginia Tech with regards to research and amenities

    NSU KPCOM - Davie Campus
    • Near grandparents/aunts & uncles
    • More high-tech than VCOM
    • Allowed to wear scrubs to class
    • No mandatory attendance policy for lectures
    • More international outreach sites than VCOM
    • Warmer climate results in a higher ability to get outside year-round
    • The dean was very frank and honest when speaking with us which I appreciated
    • More established DO school (I've heard this can be important in the future?)
    • Lower than average board pass rates
    • They have had multiple people in the past few years fail to match to an accredited residency program
    • Nobody knows what the effects of switching to virtual anatomy lab/the new curriculum/adding a second campus will be on clinical rotations/prep for residency and boards
    • Heard very negative reviews from students on SDN
    • Higher COL and tuition than VCOM
    • They are losing clinical rotation sites
    • They use a virtual anatomy lab with the option to go into the cadaver lab to see already dissected cadavers
    • Part of a larger university with regards to research and amenities
    • They have the possibility to pursue dual-degree programs
    • Wasn't able to get a good feel for how I would fit in with their students during the interview
    Both have a sim lab and operate under a graded curriculum. I am unsure of whether having a traditional cadaver lab or a virtual anatomy lab would be better.

    Summary: Any help you all can provide in deciding between the two of these, or in correcting my views on anything would be greatly appreciated!
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