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Jun 9, 2002
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Hey, has anyone received a status page that says this:

The committee's file review indicates that they will consider your file further. We are now in the process of scheduling interviews and will continue to do so throughout the year until February. Unfortunately, the committee indicates interest in far more canidiates than we are able to interview. Since we are dependent on the Committee member's schedules for interview spaces, we are unable to predict when or if we will be able to schedule you this year. Please continue to check this site to learn when further action has been taken.

Would this be considered a hold for an interview? And does anyone know the chance of getting an interview after getting this message?


Florida winters are the best!
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Jan 8, 2002
Tampa, FL
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I got the same thing, and I would have to say that it is similar to being put on hold for interview. In other words, I am not expecting to get an interview. I did not expect much from this school as I am a Florida resident, but its better than getting an outright rejection.:rolleyes:
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