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VCU LOR question


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Aug 19, 2004
    I just received an email from VCU stating my committee letter only counted a one letter of the three required. I was under the impression most schools took the letter in place of multiple letters. I have a second letter from a dentist on the way but that still leaves me one letter short... Their website is ambiguous about the letter subject and I have already given them my secondary fees. Should I try to contact a professor via email to get another letter or just scratch off VCU?



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    Nov 11, 2006
      I'm from the VCU area and have spoken to members of their ADCOM several times. In fact, VCU undergrad strongly encourages using committee letters to apply for any of the MCV professional programs so I'm quite sure a committee letter would be perfectly fine. HOWEVER, it is very important that your committee letter is complete and not just a summary form. Most committees require you to submit 2-5 LOEs from Professors/employers, then they interview you in a round table session and write up a summary of how strongly they recommend you. It is VERY important that your school sends not only the summary but the original LOEs you collected as well. If they send just their summarized opinion, it would of course be just one letter. I would certainly call VCU to inquire about why they counted your committee letter as just one letter before taking any other action.
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