VCU/MCV: Opinions, Comments, Concerns, and the like...


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Jul 16, 2002
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Hey guys...

I just wanted to get my fellow SDNers' opinions of VCU/MCV...I mean, it's not ranked, but I hear that it provides one of the better clinical experiences in the country. I'd like to hear whatever you have to say about it -- horror stories with applying, good things (any current students?), etc. It's my first choice at the moment, I suppose, being instate and help? ;)


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Aug 7, 2001
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Solid school. Outstanding surgery departments, especially cardiothoracic.

Underrated med school. I've heard nothing bad about it.
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Nov 1, 2003
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It's currently my top choice, for several reasons:
1) I'm more likely to get in at VCU than anywhere except perhaps EVMS.
2) I own a house I've renovated in Richmond, that I would like to live in for four more years.
3) It's relatively cheap for instaters, or rather, it presents a great value for someone who will have a relatively short career after residency (I'm 35).
4) I would rather not move my wife and two children far far away.
5) It seems to have a decent reputation for happy, well-trained students, and it's mostly good boards that lead to good residencies.

These probably don't align well with your decision making process, but for what it's worth...


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Feb 18, 2004
New Haven, CT
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Well, I am very exciting about the idea of attending MCV/VCU next year. I have talked to several people, physicians, other med students, etc. and I have not heard one bad thing about VCU. I particularly like:

1. the class size, I like 180 is a good size, lots of people to meet :)
2. The new facilities, both the hospital and the classrooms are newly rennovated
3. It is one of the largest academic medical centers in the US, you get to see lots of things, different cases, etc.
4. The people, the students seemed to be down to earth and excited about being in medicine. Maybe that is because VCU is an underranked school, and so it doesn't attract annoying arrogant students.
5. Foundations of Medicine program, you get matched up with a physician in the area and get to do clinical rotations with them once a week (I think), and then you have larger clinical classes where you learn how to take histories and perform physician exams, all within the first year :)

What I don't like:
1. Richmond, up and coming, but no DC, Philly, Boston or NYC
2. The name issue. Although it has been owned by VCU since the 1960s I believe it recently took the name Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia Campus. Very confusing. Many people in the field aren't familiar with VCU, but they are very familiar with MCV. So that can cause confusion when you tell people where you go.

Just my thoughts??

Circadian Man

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Oct 22, 2003
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I agree with the previous posts, but I also wanted to add a couple of things that I liked about VCU/MCV when I interviewed. The curriculum during the first two years is set up in blocks, so you emphasize only one major class at a time (i.e. six weeks of intensive micro, followed by six weeks of another subject, etc.). Then, exams within each block are always given on Fridays, so you have a weekend free every few weeks before starting another block. Also, they have something like a 99% pass rate on step one.

The first year lecture hall (the Egyptian building) is also really cool!
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