VCU vs Loyola Stritch


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Oct 22, 2019
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Deciding between VCU and Loyola Stritch. I'm from PA but my long-term boyfriend currently goes to VCU and I have connection to Richmond. Large scholarship from Stritch & small scholarship from VCU. Interested in Ophthalmology. I'm having a hard time deciding because I really loved both schools when I interviewed.

- Live with boyfriend & in one of my favorite cities
- Stronger match in ophtho previously
- Higher ranked

-Bf will leave VCU soon for residency in 2 years- he could potentially go to a different city for residency wherever I am

- I felt like I really fit well here on interview day
- Large scholarship
- Amazing facilities

- Not a big fan of very cold weather, not thrilled about moving far away from bf & family
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Sep 16, 2014
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100k is a substantial amount

The con at Loyola is that you’d move away from your support system but the con at VCU is money.

A tough choice for sure. Best to think long term and understand that the debt is manageable but still constraining.

I would take the money and go to Loyola but if staying close to family and SO is really important than VCU may be the right choice. Still, you can find support at Loyola as well
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Apr 27, 2020
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I wouldn’t underestimate how important your support system is going to be. Happiness is important when gong through med school, and you would be much happier at VCU compared to Stritch. Plus having a bf who already went though VCU would be super helpful during preclinical and rotations!

100K is a lot of money, so the choice is definitely hard. However, in the long run once you’re making physician salary 100k is not as much as you would think big picture wise.
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Apr 23, 2020
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I agree with both posters, it seems like you are choosing money or support. Also you wrote that you wouldn’t be too happy moving away from your support system, which I believe is more important than 100k. I’m a firm believer that being happy in Med school and around a strong support system is very important just because of how stressful everything is.
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