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Jan 22, 2013
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Hey I took the MCAT Aug. 27 and scored a lovely 6 on my VR. I am now doing sn2'eds 90 day and am currently on day 10 but have realized that I don't have enough resources to last me, and I REALLY need the practice (all I want is an 8!)

I started studying in January but was incredibly inconsistent, didn't follow a schedule, sometimes went weeks without doing anything, but in the meantime I did some verbal passages here and there (obviously with no improvement) and now here's what I'm left with:

11 TBR verbal passages
72 EK 101 passages
21 TPRH passages

Total: 104 passages. Being day 10, I still have 72 actual study days left (minus the ~14 break days), but CLEARLY do not have enough to do 3 passages/day...something I feel is necessary for a 2+ increase.

Are there any other verbal resources?? What do ya'll suggest I do? Thanks!
Dec 12, 2013
You could recycle some of the passages you did back in January. It's been long enough that you may not remember the material. Otherwise you could try using Kaplan but use it at the beginning because they're not all that great, but practice is practice.
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May 8, 2013
What resources did you use? Ie AAMC?

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