verbal sadness ;0(



    can i get your guys' advice? so far, i've gotten a 9 on amcas V, 8 on amcas VI, and a 10 on amcas III (i'm taking amcas IV manana)

    which amcas verbal was the hardest for you?

    why is my verbal fluctuating this much? should i just not take the mcat this saturday and study more for the april mcat?

    stupid verbal (sigh)


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    Jul 15, 2002
      i wouldn't worry about it too much, everyone's verbal scores are all over the place for some unknown reason... and coffeecat is right, someone has to do well, there's a large chance its u, so don't give up hope at this point

      i personally did worst on the verbal for III, while that was ur high score...:D
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