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Verbal strategy - A few questions


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Jun 3, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical
    So yeah, I've been doing good on the Physical and Bio sections, but my Verbal score keeps going down and up and given that I'm taking my MCAT on Sept 13th :scared:, I'd figure I'd ask for advice.

    Anyway, the strategy I use:

    - I read the passage (sometimes I stay on a paragraph for a few minutes) because I don't get what the hell its talking about.

    - Then I look at the question and predict the answer if I can. (I go back to the passage whenever I can if I feel like I can't come up with an answer right away)

    - I try to get the main idea from each paragraph and come up with a universal main.

    - I kinda read w/out regard for time at first, but as the timer goes to 0, I increase my speed of reading.

    - I passage map (yeah I hate doing this, because it slows me down somewhat) so that I don't lose focus.

    How can I improve myself here? :bang:


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    Mar 12, 2008
      - I Read The Passage (sometimes I Stay On A Paragraph For A Few Minutes) Because I Don't Get What The Hell Its Talking About.

      - I Kinda Read W/out Regard For Time At First, But As The Timer Goes To 0, I Increase My Speed Of Reading.

      - I Passage Map (yeah I Hate Doing This, Because It Slows Me Down Somewhat) So That I Don't Lose Focus.



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      Jun 29, 2008
      The South
      1. Pre-Medical
        Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but in all honesty if you're not satisfied with your verbal score 2 weeks before your test, you won't be satisfied on the real thing. There's simply not enough time to make a significant improvement. To my knowledge, there's no two-week miracle cure (if you find it, let me know). Sorry to sound so negative
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