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Apr 29, 2016
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A couple of the students at my dental school / helpful faculty got together and published a clinic 'survival guide' that almost every incoming third year purchases before coming into clinic. Our school doesn't provide sort of manual for the transition from classroom to clinic so most people find it really helpful. I figured I'd spread the word for anyone looking for a clinic guide or helpful resources. The book has most of the procedures you'll have to do with step by step instructions, tips, and supplies needed.

My thoughts: It's a little expensive for $50 bucks but it's definitely well put together and has the 'no BS' approach. Flip to the page and you've got step by step with hand piece speeds, supplies needed, pictures, etc. If you've done 50+ restorations, it probably won't help you much, but if you need to flip to the page to get a quick refresher on something like dentures, post and cores, endo, etc, it'd be much easier to glance at between patients rather than try to find your answer in a powerpoint or textbook. They also have a few pro tips that I found immensely helpful (soaking cord in viscostat for a few minutes before packing, finishing composite by brushing a little bit of bonding agent, etc). Overall recommendation would be to incoming third years.

If you search amazon for 'dental school clinic manual' it'll show up (ISBN: 153091986X)
I'd be happy to answer any questions about it, but I just figured it might help as I don't think there are many other resources like it out there.
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