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May 1, 2016
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My GPA is a 2.5 and I'm a senior. I've had trouble focusing on school (finally diagnosed with ADHD 5 months ago and have been making all A's for the past two semester after diagnosis/medication). I am certain that I have the ability to do well in my classes if given the opportunity to redo, now that I am able to focus. Since I am a senior, my year of A's isn't bringing my GPA up very high.

I'm looking at post-bacc programs and most of them require atleast a 3.0. Would it be possible for me to take the MCAT, do well, and have my MCAT score count in place of my GPA? Or will I automatically be screened out if I have a low GPA?

I am certain that I can do the coursework; my low grades are mainly in my chemistry classes. I also know that I now can do well because I have found the root problem of my low grades: my inability to focus, and have found a solution.

Dr. Jan Itor

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Jun 30, 2014
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I'd take a year or two to retake the classes that you did poorly in and apply to DO schools since they offer grade replacement.


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Mar 30, 2014
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You do not need to go to a formal post-bac program. You can do what is called an "informal" post-bac program by signing up for courses as a post-bac / second degree student. As the poster above mentioned, look into osteopathic medical schools and learn about their grade replacement program. Retake all F/D/C- grades to increase your cGPA / sGPA.
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