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Apr 15, 2006
I was accepted in to Saba for the January 2011 semester; however, I was just informed that my loan application was denied because my co-applicant has excessive obligations in relation to income. As a result of this unfortunate occurrence, I believe that I only have a day or two to wire transfer my tuition balance to Saba. I am confident that I can gather the necessary funds to pay my tuition balance, however, I unfortunately will not be able to personally finance my education from the second semester and thereafter as I assume that I will not be able to attain a loan for the second semester given the fact that my only option for a co-applicant will in the future be denied. I also feel it is imperative that I mention that I was granted admission in to Saba prior to the school implementing the MCAT as a requirement. Unfortunately, since the school announced that the MCAT was a requirement prior to my matriculation date, I was instructed by the school to take the MCAT or else I would not be able to attend. Given the fact that the school informed me that I would be allowed to matriculate no matter what score I achieved on the MCAT in addition with the fact that I was informed about the MCAT requirement on such short notice and had not taken Physics as well as the fact that I had no time whatsoever to study for the exam, I just randomly filled in answers and wrote nothing for the essays as I completed the test in a few minutes. As I expected, I earned an incredibly low score. I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone could provide regarding the best course of action to take at the current time.

Would it be a possibility for me to transfer to one of the other Big 4 schools (SGU, AUC, Ross) prior to beginning at Saba (taking in to consideration my incredibly low MCAT score)? Or would it be a wiser decision to attempt to transfer in to one of the other Big 4 schools after I complete my first semester at Saba? How realistic is it for an individual to transfer from Saba in to one of the other Big 4 schools? Will I have any chance of completing a transfer from Saba to one of the Big 4 schools after I complete my first semester (taking in to consideration my very low MCAT score)? Will my tremendously low MCAT score absolutely destroy my chances for transferring from Saba in to one of the other Big 4 schools either before I begin at Saba or after I complete my first semester at Saba? Any input on how the transfer process works and also what I should do given the aforementioned predicament will be greatly appreciated.
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