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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by RC, Dec 24, 1998.

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    Dec 23, 1998
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    i just found this site...finally, folks that are in the same frame of mind as me. i will be attending UOMHS in des moines next Aug. and was wondering if anyone has heard anything of this school. no-one seems to write about it. i admit, my opinion of it is slightly biased because i have spoken to many DOs residents at the U of Iowa hospitals and clinics who rave about the school. most of the affiliated hospitals with UOMHS seem to be in Mich, Ohio, Iowa, and PA. can anyone tell me which hospitals they have experienced were better/worse in general or in a specific rotation. also, does anyone have any suggestions on quality places to do visiting elective clerkships and which places were open to accepting DO students. looking forward to meeting my new classmates...good luck. rene
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