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Apr 30, 2008
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    HELLO ALL! This is my first post @SDN, lets hope it goes well. I need advice on where I could volunteer. THX!

    I figured this forum would be best, since most of you have done your volunteering, if there was need.

    I go to school in a small town in Indiana (Purdue University) which only has one major hospital, which is in no need of volunteering, as the administration told me they are continually barged with this question. Our small Redcross station is no more than a CPR and lifeguard course, which also has no need for volunteers they say. Purdue itself does not actually have a medschool, ehh, so all hope is lost there as well. (although, they are in very good relations with Indiana Univeristy's School of Medicine; thats why I'm still attending Purdue, incase you wondered)

    Now I don't mean to talk your heads off, and I am not trying to whine about my disposition, (im going to hopefully be a doctor! lifes great) I have chiefly come here to ask for advice from the experienced.

    If I can't volunteer while in school, I plan on doing so in my hometown, where volunteering is feasible, although, I couldn't take summer classes if I wanted to. If all else fails, me and a friend where going to do this 6 week program in Africa at the cost of $1200. Do I need to volunteer? I do not know, but of course I would like to at the expense of my medschool application. Please guys, take some weight off my chest and simply answer how important is volunteering, but most of all, where can I do some volunteering, whether it be twice a week or once a month.

    Thank you for your time


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    Jun 27, 2006
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      Don't buy the BS, volunteering is not that important. show that you have been inside a hospital and that you understand that sick people aren't always nice to be around. Thats good enough. Take your remaining time and study for the MCATs. Its a lot more important.
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