Volunteer research opporunity for students/ grads (Bioinformatics, Diabetes, Brain Disease)

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Jul 4, 2005
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Biomedical research opportunities available for high school or college student or higher -- Diabetes, neurological disorder.
What: Unpaid research opportunity students/ grads studying Diabetes, as well as a brain disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. (we will be doing projects on other diseases in the future, needing assistance).

Why: Opens you to the world of science careers, looks great for medical/graduate/residency school resumes, valuable work experience, work under faculty at Harvard Medical School and Rush University (chicago). Journal article acknowledgements/authorship are a possibility.

Who: You would have, ideally, two years college or more, though bright and responsible high school students may also apply. Any majors welcome, especially Biomedical or those with computer science knowledge/experience. You are not required to be a current student. Depending on your level (eg college student, medical/graduate student, high school student), background, and interest, we can find an appropriate project.

Time: Commitment per week flexible. Minimum 3 month commitment expected. Longer then three months is welcome as well.

Where: Flexible. A lot of our work is computational, and can be done from home with internet access, and phone discussions. Applicants across the world invited to apply (with fluent english speaking abilities).

Please contact [email protected] or
(VALID ONLY UNTIL 9/28/15): [email protected]

Thank you so much,
Sonya Dave, PhD