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Mar 28, 2011
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    Hi Everyone,

    So, I am a junior pre-dental student and I have a 3.66 GPA and have yet to take the DAT. I have 40 hours of dental shadowing and will have at least 50 hours of volunteering hours by the end of this semester. I have volunteered for about 8 hours by organizing recreational activities for disabled children. The bulk of my volunteer hours are coming from my position as a running mentor (paired up with an "at-risk youth" and we help them set goals in life by means of running) every Saturday morning. I am very passionate about running (marathon runner) so I really enjoy my time with this charity group! I also will be volunteering/shadowing in the dental clinic in my campus health center (I still don't know whether it is considered shadowing or volunteering...). Anyways, I was also considering to become a 4th grade math tutor for students at underprivileged schools in the area (3 hours a week for the entire semester).

    My question is: should I commit to this tutoring gig? To be honest, while I do care about teaching math to young students, I kind of wanted to "beef" up my volunteer hours on my resume (please forgive me, many of us are guilty of this! please no negative comments!).

    Will the tutoring volunteering really make a great impact on my application? I kind of would like to spend time focusing on my classes and DAT preparation...

    Any help is appreciated! Sorry to those who already read a similar question that I posted before regarding this same topic!
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