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Nov 4, 2009
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I know this is probably one of the most asked questions, but in my case, its a little difference because I didn't improve a lot. I got a W in first semester of O-chem, then I retook the class and got a B+ :( to me, this is no improvement..

Currently in second semester O-chem, and at an A- with one exam left..

cGPA 3.8 , and sGPA 3.75 - MCAT to be taken in January (practice exams ranging from 29-33)

Volunteering, shadowing, research ... all under my belt..

any chances with that W in the middle of my transcript ?? I get depressed every time I look at my transcript.. I really can't help it and this is affecting me negatively..


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Jun 19, 2009
the impact of w's is hyped incredibly too much on this website. take care of your last exam and the BS on the MCAT and it will barely factor in to your application with that GPA


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May 8, 2010
You are overreacting. One W is not bad. Even six W's are not bad as long as you can explain and give a good reason on why you had to drop the class. I had A's in both Orgo's but I have two W's in total one in Calculus I during my freshman year and one in Physics during my Junior year. Its not a big deal if you can explain why you dropped them.


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Sep 4, 2006
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So you're not perfect. That one W will have little impact, as the B+ is sufficient to redeem along with the A-, so long as you get a decent score on the MCAT. I do understand that you feel your honor has been impinged upon and that adcomms will circle that W with scarlet marker, but that won't happen except in your mind.

Look at this situation as fodder for the commonly requested Secondary essay on The blip in your academic road, A challenge and how you overcame it, or Discuss a stressful situation and how you managed it. Be sure to include what you learned and why it won't happen again.
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