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Sep 14, 2021
  1. Pre-Dental
    Date of submission: Sep 7
    Overall GPA: 3.1
    Science GPA: 2.9
    Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 2.65
    DAT score: 20AA 20TS (18,19,24) 19PAT 20QR 17RC
    State of Residence: Ohio
    Major: Bio
    Definitely Count as disadvantaged, but not necessarily minority
    Reapplicant? No
    Nontrad? No, added a 5th undergrad year

    Shadowing Experience: over 150
    Volunteering Experience: 250 hours, every type of volunteering
    Employment: worked in lab apart from research lab
    Research: employed as an assistant for 2 years 600 hours
    Other Extracurriculars: treasurer 2 years, eboard positon 1 year
    Relevant Honors or Awards: None
    LOR type and strength: 4: Dentist, bio, physics, research PI
    Misc Info/Things not stated elsewhere/Red Flags: upward trend
    School list:
    Every big east coast school
    Every Ohio school
    Around 20 schools
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    About the Ads

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