WAMC: 2023-2024 Admissions - Please help :)

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Mar 11, 2021
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Hello! :) I'm a non-traditional student, and am seeking some insight. Looking at sdn and reddit forums either helps or completely decimates my confidence for cycles, so I decided to ask with my own info for once.

Here are my approx. stats (I know AAMCs calculate GPA differently so both may be a little lower):
  • undergrad school: UCLA
  • cGPA: 3.58
  • BCPM/sGPA: 3.29ish
  • MCAT: Haven't taken it yet, please recommend a goal score!
I have a semi-sharp upward undergrad trend, with a 3.9 upperdiv. and major GPA (from my latter two years really). I'm also doing my MPH at another UC currently, and have a 4.0 graduate GPA. Some of my classes are epidemiology and biostatistics heavy, so I'll probably be able to loop those in with my BCPM gpa.

Note: I struggled a lot in my first couple of years due to extenuating life circumstances + working full time to pay for housing. I'm hoping to show my growth, but some pre-meds really make you feel terrible about your odds regardless of your experiences.

Gap year ECs:
  • I'll be finishing my MPH this year, and starting an epidemiology fellowship soon after (one year) - both of these are epi. research, and I plan to get 1-3 first author publications.
  • I'm in MPH leadership, and teach health education classes for an undergrad clinic.
  • During my application year (2023-2024), I plan to do something clinical-oriented (MA / Scribe / Clinical research volunteer) as well as working on building / launching an education non-profit my friends and I are putting together.
  • Undergrad stuff:
    • Leadership in a large STEM-education program - goal: helping even out the STEM playing field for low-income and minority students
      • helped build an Anti-Racism seminar for undergrads to take that still goes on!
    • Membership in pre-med club - goal: trained to run clinics / take diagnostics in South American villages
    • Some student government work (limited) - goal: help represent & meet living community needs / concerns

So sorry for the detailed info (hoping no creeper tracks me down). My app is primarily going to have a public health focus as - if you've read this far - I like, and prefer, helping the historically excluded.

If anyone could help recommend good MD / DO schools that I'd be a decent applicant for, as well as any other thoughts you'd like to share - I'd be more than appreciative. I'm a realist and prefer people being straight-up with me, but I also believe in second chances and am really hoping that med schools see that in me.

Thank you in advance!!

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Mar 17, 2018
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I didn't see any physician shadowing, but I'm sure you have that/plan on doing it!

If CA is your state of residence, your GPA will hurt, just do your absolute best on the MCAT! For my year the rule was >510 was golden, nowadays I feel like it might be a little higher.

Your ORM/URM background makes a huge difference as well (You can peak the admissions data to see an approximate % of your odds based on a breakdown of GPA/MCAT aligned with the other factors).

Your ECs are great, though!
I think you're headed to medical school
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