May 12, 2020
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  1. Pre-Dental
Hey, everyone. I desperately want to get into dental school this cycle after getting burned badly last cycle (I am a reapplicant) because I messed up a lot along the way in preparing to apply.

My stats:

School: UCLA
Major: Biochemistry
Overall GPA: 3.5
Science GPA: 3.4
DAT Score (PAT/QR/RC/Bio/GC/OC/TS/AA): 20/25/22/20/23/23/22/23 tldr: 23AA 20PAT 22TS

Volunteering: 80 hours at the UCLA School of Dentistry as a dental volunteer
Shadowing: ~100 hours of shadowing a dentist (perio)
Employment/Dental Experience: over 1500 hours of experience as a dental assistant with the above-mentioned dentist after graduating. I am very proud of this because I saw and learned a lot.
Research: Summer of 2016 undergraduate researcher at USC Keck School of Medicine, 2017 undergraduate researcher at UCLA Brain Research Institute, 2017-2018 undergraduate researcher at UCLA Department of Chemistry.
Honors: Dean's list 3 times, UCLA Summer Fellowship
LOR: 2 science professors, 1 non science professor, 1 dentist I worked with

Schools: Case Western
MUSC (interviewed here last cycle)
Midwestern-AZ (friend goes here with similar stats)
UCLA (reach)
University of Colorado
University of Connecticut
Detroit Mercy
University of Maryland
University of Pittsburgh
University of Michigan (reach)
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