WAMC (3.4/510/ORM)

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Jun 20, 2024
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  • cGPA: 3.44 sGPA: 3.44
    • upward trend ish? cGPA (3.57 -> 3.34 -> 2.94 -> 3.91) sGPA (3.49 -> 3.24 -> 3.0 -> 3.82)
  • First attempt (May 2023): 504 (127/124/126/127), Second attempt (May 2024): 510 (128/125/129/128)
  • New York
  • ORM (Asian)
  • SUNY
  • clinic (~600 hours, non-volunteering) (Does pathology count as clinical, handling patient specimen, working with MDs? (>4k hours))
  • Engineering major, capstone project resulting in provisional patent for medical device. First author for poster/abstract for a different project
  • Tutoring (~400 hours) Frisbee (club, >2k hours)
  • Re-applicant, EO1 and first generation student, single parent household, non-trad student couple of years out of school. Will be a clinical research coordinator this July, have an alcohol IA
Tentative School List:

  • Downstate
  • Upstate
  • Stony Brook
  • Buffalo
  • Drexel
  • Albany
  • Hackensack
  • Carle Illinois(?)
  • Beaumont
  • NYMC

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Welcome to the forums.

Pathology may not be as "strong" a clinical experience; we do prefer you actually see the doctor-patient relationship at work, so I'm not sure how much handling specimens would be. Then again, we need pathologists, but I wouldn't want to build upon any weird stereotypes about engineers... having been one...

On that note, you have no community service or experience working with individuals with non-medical/health needs? If so, that puts your application at risk of being screened out very early. Not having any evident campus or community leadership opportunities also makes your application vulnerable. Are you part of any academic enrichment program that supports low SES students aspire to health professions programs like SHPEP?
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Your complete lack of non clinical volunteering and physician shadowing will limit your chances for interviews. Schools may average your MCAT scores.
You could add Belmont to your MD list and Alice Walton and Roseman when they open. Also apply to DO schools and I suggest these:
PCOM (all schools)
LECOM (all schools)
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Thank you for your help! Will future volunteering experience play a role for this cycle?

Also, will I need a SMP given my gpa?
Thank you for your help! Will future volunteering experience play a role for this cycle?

Also, will I need a SMP given my gpa?
Future volunteering hours have minimal value for this cycle. You do not need a SMP with your GPA. You should receive interviews at DO schools with your GPA of 3.44 and MCAT of 510.
So you are a reapplicant? How have you significantly improved your application from the last cycle you applied in? Where did you apply? Any IIs and if so where? What were the outcomes(waitlists or outright rejections).
Any shadowing? Any nonclinical volunteering?
Be aware, some schools will average your MCAT scores.
It really seems from what you shared you aren’t ready to apply and you really need DO schools on your list.
Unfortunately, I was rejected without II from the schools I applied to.

I was mostly focused on improving my MCAT this past year. Should I wait another cycle to re-apply? If I were truly gung ho about starting med school 2025, will I make it MD or DO?