WAMC 501 MCAT, 4.0sGPA, good EC's and work experience

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Mar 22, 2016
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cGPA: 3.95 (Got 2 Bs in concurrent history classes back in high school, have had 4.0 since freshman year college)
sGPA: 4.0
ECs: Vice President of my student government association (been involved in it for 3 years), mentor for freshman leadership group for 2 years, member of the same leadership group during freshman year, greek life (served in executive position in the past), colleges against cancer (and American Cancer Society collegiate chapter), member of school's student orientation staff (giving me ~500 volunteer hours), member of a group handpicked by our school's president to represent the school (called president's leadership fellows), member of Alpha Chi national honor society, Member and previous team leader for school's ambassador program

I'm doing a research program with my state children's hospital (the program is sponsored by UAMS, Arkansas's only public MD school) currently.

Experience: -40-50 hours shadowing Cardiac electrophysiologists
-40-50 hours of pediatric shadowing (different specialities)
-Worked at regional hospital for 2.5 years, 1st year as Nurse's assistant in critical care unit, and since then have been working in Emergency room as a phlebotomy tech/ward clerk

Ethnicity and Sex: White Male
Residence: Arkansas

MCAT was 501
C/P- 128 (87th percentile)
CARS- 124 (49th percentile)
B/B-125 (56th percentile)
P/S-24 (44th percentile)

I'm really upset about my MCAT score but I feel like I have really good extracurriculars otherwise

WAMC? Please be constructive!


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Dec 24, 2015
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I think you have a strong GPA and ECs but I'll be honest I think you will have trouble receiving any interviews from MD programs with your current MCAT score. You might get some interviews from a few DO programs, but I'm less informed in DO applications so someone more knowledgeable should chime in.

My best advice to you would be to retake the MCAT. Study your butt off for it. Take a class if you have to. Take tons of practice exams and don't take it until you are confident you can get a 515+. I say 515 because some schools average multiple MCAT attempts so you'd be looking at a 508 score which is on the lower end of accepted MCAT scores for MD students.

Hope that helped, good luck :)


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Sep 15, 2012
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The 10% percentile for U Arkansas is 26 on the old scale which is similar to your 501. That is where your best chance is since you are above the 90% percentile for GPA. Arkansas does admit almost half the applicants from Arkansas and the median MCAT for Arkansas applicants is approximately 502 so with your high GPA you do have a chance. Other MD schools where you have a chance with your stats include:
Rosalind Franklin
Oakland Beaumont
Western Michigan
Medical College Wisconsin
Your chances for a MD admission with your stats are only 1/3 (unless you are URM). If you are going to apply you need to apply in the next 2 weeks and submit all your secondaries by early August.
One alternative strategy would be to retake the MCAT when your practice scores are consistently above 508 and apply next year instead.
The 2nd alternative is to also apply broadly to DO schools and you are competitive for the majority of DO schools. You have NYIT-Arkansas and ARCOM in your home state and if you apply to at least 10 you should receive several interviews. Other schools to consider for DO include:
UIW (new school-Texas)
VCOM (all 3 schools)