WAMC 509 (125/129/125/130), sGPA 3.46, cGPA 3.60



    MCAT score is from 2017, trying to decide if I should retake for this upcoming cycle.
    I have a date to re-take but am not confident I'll be able to exceed or meet the previous score, which is lopsided toward CARS/social sciences.
    **Is an old test score viewed differently than a new test score? Ex. do I need to show that I'm still familiar with the material 3 years later?

    509 (125/129/125/130), sGPA 3.46, cGPA 3.60
    Applied to 4 midwestern schools in 2017, waitlisted at 1

    New Experiences
    Completed MPH in 2018
    Research Experience with 3 publications as 2nd/3rd author
    Employed 2 yrs as Trauma Registrar
    Employed 2 yrs as Domestic Violence Advocate

    Wisconsin resident, hopeful for MCW,Madison, Rush, Rosalind Franklin
    Taking recommendations for DO/MD programs.


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    Apr 4, 2016
    1. Medical Student
      I have similar stats as you with a slightly higher GPA.

      I'll list some MD schools that I had on my list. I didn't apply to them all due to financial troubles tho. I also applied to all of the TX schools since I'm a TX resident but I won't list those.

      1. Quinnipiac
      2. Albany
      3. Temple
      4. Penn State
      5. Medical College of Wisconsin
      6. Wright State
      7. Drexel
      8. NYMC
      9. Thomas Jefferson
      10. Louisville (30% OOS Matriculants)
      11. Toledo (28% OOS Matriculants)
      12. Cooper of Rowan U (32% OOS Matriculants)
      13. Oakland
      14. Wayne State (35% OOS)
      15. MSU (I think they favored IS appliants. Possibly 25% OOS matriculants)
      16. Rush

      I highly advise you apply to many DO schools. Your GPA is a bit low for MD. I only received a few invites from the schools that I applied to listed above.
      @Faha made a great DO list for you, so I won't make one.
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