MD WAMC and advice as an international applicant?


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Jun 26, 2020
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Hello! I’m a long time lurker, wanted to know what my chances would be as an international applicant and how I could make my application stronger (especially in terms of EC’s). I appreciate any thoughts!

GPA could raise up to 3.9
MCAT 515 (could retake and aim for +520)
First person in my family to graduate high school and go to college
Top 100 university
Engineering major

- 40 hours General Surgery
- 25 hours in Radiology
( hope to gain another place next year, would add about 30 hours and possibly a fourth one which would add about 25)

- 360 hours in a hospital (Clinical Volunteering)
- 150 hours in a clinic (Clinical Volunteering)
- 80 hours tutoring (Non-clinical)
- 70 hours in a shelter (Non-clinical)

- One sport in college (not competitive level, only as a hobby 2 years/150h)
- Committee of two clubs (language one, STEM one)
- Committee of a pro-bono legal and tech advising organisation (6 months)
- Member of two more clubs (cultural one, another STEM one)
- Language courses completed with certificates (fluent in multiple languages)

- 400 hours in an engineering lab, two publications

Because of my international status and my undergraduate degree being completed in Europe my school list is limited to ones that have no specific pre-reqs and the ones that accept international degrees. Currently it is:

- Stanford University
- Yale University
- Vanderbilt
- Keck
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