WAMC and help with school list (cGPA: 3.69, sGPA 3.56, 6/28 MCAT)


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Mar 4, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hi guys! I would really appreciate some help on my chances to get into an MD this cycle as well as editing my school list. Any help is much appreciated, thank you! :)
    • Year in school: 1st year Chemistry Graduate Student (Graduating Spring 2021), graduated from undergrad Spring 2019 (Biochem major)
    • State of Residence: CA
    • cGPA: 3.69, sGPA: 3.56 (mostly upward trend in the last 2 years), Graduate GPA: 3.95
    • MCAT: scheduled for 6/28 (hoping to score 510, currently scoring around 507 on practice tests)
    • Experiences:
      • Research- 3 years in analytical chemistry, no publications, 4 on-campus poster presentations (~1200 hours)
      • Volunteering (clinical)- 150 hours at a local hospital (PVHMC)
      • Shadowing- 25 hours, anesthesiology
      • Volunteering (non-clinical)- 150 hours at a food bank, 60 hours as a volunteer soccer coach, 30 hours various short-term opportunities through soccer
      • Employment (clinical)- ER scribe (~1000 hours, still working here)
      • Employment (non-clinical)- Math instructor at Mathnasium, became a co-lead instructor (~800 hours), Data Entry Employee (~400 hours)
      • Extracurricular- Played 4 years of collegiate soccer (Cal Poly Pomona, NCAA DII)
      • Leadership- Captain of the Cal Poly Pomona Women's Soccer Team (1 year), Co-lead instructor at Mathnasium
      • Awards/recognition- Chemistry scholarships, several dean/president's list honors, graduated Magna Cum Laude, various scholar athlete awards, All-CCAA first team and All-Region Second team (soccer awards)
    • Immediate family members in medicine: no
    • Schools to which you are applying:
      • California Northstate
      • California University of Sciences and Medicine
      • Drexel
      • George Washington University
      • Kaiser
      • Loma Linda
      • Oregon Health and Science
      • Penn State
      • Quinnipiac
      • Rosalind Franklin
      • Thomas Jefferson
      • Tulane
      • UC Davis
      • UC Riverside
      • University of Vermont
      • University of Washington
      • Wake Forest
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