WAMC And school list help? 3.8+, MCAT TBD due to COVID

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Jan 1, 2018
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Hello, I know that it is very hard to do WAMC and school lists without MCAT, but due to the craziness of the pandemic my MCAT was cancelled and it is now scheduled for July 7th. I tried to provide as much info as possible so I can start coming up with a comprehensive school list that gives me the best shot possible. Thanks in advance!

Race: White (Female)

Undergraduate Institution: State Public School (FL)

Major: B.A. Economics and B.S. Molecular Biology

cGPA: 3.84

sGPA: 3.70

MCAT: TBD, testing July 7th, aiming 513+ based on FL scores, If I score below 510 I may reconsider applying this cycle, Idk what do you think?

Clinical Volunteering

  • 80 hours in surgical clinic (same clinic I did research in), helping with administrative tasks, volunteer scribing, and tracking patient wait times
  • 40 hours in abroad rural clinics
  • 60 hours in addiction facility

Non-Clinical Volunteering

  • 40 hours for a community development center that creates resource packets for low-income families and distributes them, worked with neighborhood sustainability
  • 30 hours in local soup kitchen as part of student org (see below)
  • 90 hours at hospice camp for kids who have lost a loved one, 60 hours at bereavement center for kids
  • 200+ hours at therapeutic horse farm for persons with disability

Research Experience

  • 2.5 years (800+ hours) in basic science molecular medicine lab. Mainly focused on neuroscience. Two local university presentations, co-author on abstract, name on national conference poster
  • 400 hours clinical research, GI surgery, one second author publication, 1 3rd author publication, name on multiple national conference posters
  • 200+ hours bacteriophage research for 1 year. Discovered a unique bacteriophage with a group of other students. Annotated the genome and published a complete genome announcement on ncbi genbank, 1 local conference presentation and 1 regional conference presentation


  • President of homeless advocacy organization for 1.5 years, been an officer since freshman year.
    • Organized 5K to raise money for care packages
    • Helped compile resource brochures to distribute in local soup kitchen
    • Worked on call surveys with feeding America for low income elderly populations
  • peer mentor for STEM program for incoming freshman
  • Women in medicine conference planning committee member (3 years)
    • Spoke on a panel about generational differences representing Gen Z
    • Helped plan three successful national conferences


  • University award given to thirty students a year who show commitment to service and academic success
  • Inducted into prestigious university service society
  • Honors research society
  • Dean’s List (lol like everyone)
  • Currently applying for a Fulbright to study health economics in the Netherlands if things don’t work out this cycle

Current/Tentative School List (all depends on MCAT)



USF Morsani



BU (reach)


University of Washington***


Wake Forest

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson


Emory (reach and dream school)

Case Western (reach)

Rosy Franklin

UC Davis maybe??

*** I know that these three have in state bias, but I have personal reasons for wanting to apply to these

I feel like I need more low tiers, can anyone give me some more advice? Thank you again! Wish I had an MCAT score to give you guys more info


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Oct 14, 2011
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Just saying, no bets without an official MCAT result. Obviously start with in-state programs, especially where you have made connections with current students and admissions recruiters.

As for personal reasons, without networking you may find that any connection you claim will have varying reception. You can also see if any of your in-state schools can help you set up clerkships at those other academic medical centers.

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