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WAMC and suggestions to a school list?


Full Member
Sep 19, 2019
Hi I'm applying for this cycle and it would be great if I could get a sense of where I stand in the schools I'm planning on applying.
Overall GPA: 3.53
Science GPA: 3.4
Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.17 (upward trend since last year, but I'm still really concerned about this..)
DAT score: 22 AA/21 TS/19 PAT (Bio:21/GC:22/OC:22/RC:21/QR:22)
State of Residence: MD

Major: Biochem w/ neuroscience concentration
Minor: Healthcare studies
Minority? No
Reapplicant? No
Nontrad? No

Shadowing Experience: 116 hours from general dentist ; 9 hours from cardiologist; 24 hours from paramedic
Volunteering Experience: ~90 hours (mentoring immigrants/middle schoolers, nursing homes)
Employment: ~420 hours as a music office assistant
Research: 900+ hours (neuroscience/cardiology lab), 1 publication
Other Extracurriculars: VP of science sorority, Marketing chair in a cultural organization
Relevant Honors or Awards: EMT certified, dean's list, research fellow
LOR type and strength: 1 committee letter and 1 from a general dentist
Misc Info: I switched from pre-med to pre-dent last year so I don't have many dental related experiences. But I'll be working at a dental office this summer.

School list: preferably like to stay on the east coast
-UMD (maryland)

Any suggestions to which other schools I can add?
Thank you in advance for the feedback!

Dr Dimbsa

Full Member
5+ Year Member
Aug 9, 2015
  1. Dental Student
I'd suggest not including non-dental shadowing. Might be a good idea to get some hours at a specialist (OS, ortho, etc.). Definitely shoot for your in state school but I'd also recommend applying to NYU, Buffalo, UNE, LECOM, and NOVA (if you definitely want to stay on the east coast)
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