Apr 16, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi, dolls! I'm having some anxieties about the upcoming application cycle and want some honest feedback on my application stats as they stand now. I'm currently in an MPH program not to boost GPA but because of my rural and medically-underserved background and how I am interested in mitigating health disparities in my hometown. I will be starting some DIY-postbacc classes in January for GPA and learning purposes and will be applying for the 2021-22 cycle!

cGPA: 3.54
sGPA: 3.40
MCAT: registered to take MCAT in March 2021 with a 500 Blueprint diagnostic before any studying (shooting for 516+)
MPH GPA: 4.0 (I know this doesn't have any bearing on the GPA the med schools look at, but I included it anyway!)
Volunteer: 100 hours
Shadowing: 50 hours (general surgery and internal medicine)

-Georgia resident (have lived in the same rural and medically underserved area my entire life with strong familial ties to the same area)
-Undergraduate degree was with a Chemistry major and a minor in English
-Began full-time college at age 16 through dual-enrollment classes with an upward trend as I matured and found my 'groove' (unsure if this matters as long as it is upward trending but wondered if I should mention this in my application--I am currently 20)
-I support myself financially and have worked throughout school in various places, including my undergrad institution as a lab assistant, but currently I work as a substitute teacher
-Leadership experience in my undergrad's leadership track (two years) as a mentor to first-year students and my degree has a certification in Leadership
-Competitive tap dancer with regional and national titles

I have been applying for jobs to gain more clinical exposure since I think that may be the most egregious hole in my app so far. I have had a rough time finding these opportunities because of COVID-19 regulations, but I hope to hear back from that soon! My top school is Mercer (where I am doing my MPH right now) because of their mission geared towards rural and medically-underserved populations in Georgia. Any feedback on holes in my application or areas that could use improvement would be much appreciated! Thank you so :)

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