Sep 18, 2020
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Hi everyone! Applying next cycle, wanted to post my stats to see what people's thoughts were. I 100% know I need to get more vet hours and am working on that. Mostly looking for input on my list of schools to apply to, definitely targeting schools with holistic approaches. At the moment not considering schools outside of the US because realistically I don't think I would attend them if accepted, I understand this limits my options especially with my stats. Thanks in advance!

27 y/o female, 1st time applying, MA resident.

B.S. Behavioral Neuroscience 2016
M.S. Environmental Science 2019

UG Cumulative GPA: 3.39
UG Science GPA: 3.07 (yikes!) -- still need to take Physics I/II and biochem which should bring this up slightly
UG Last 45 GPA: 3.44
Grad school GPA: 3.8

GRE (2016): V 155 (68%), Q 152 (47%), W 4.5 (82%)
Retaking Jan 2021

Want to apply to: Tufts (IS), Cornell, Illinois, Virginia-Maryland, Michigan State, Mizzou, Purdue
Also considering: Iowa, Midwestern (soo expensive though..)

Vet experience - 450 hours total
-Aquarium: 350 hours
-Shadow at SA practice: 100 hours (way back in high school)

Animal experience - 9,000 hours total
-Aquarist: 6,000 hours
-Cat trapping volunteer: 10 hours (just started will have more)
-Wag dog walking: 30 hours
-Manager at dog walking/daycare business/pet boutique: 2,700 hours
-Animal caretaker at summer camp: 80 hours
-Animal shelter volunteer: 60 hours

Research experience - 2,000 hours total
-Animal/Research tech in a lab: 1,200 hours (will be ~2,800 at time of app)
-Research assistant on digital habitat resource: 720 hours
-Seabird fieldwork: 130 hours

-Study abroad scholarship

Other experience
-Summer camp counselor
-Intramural sports referee
-Outreach education assistant at marine science center
-Math tutor volunteer for underserved communities
-Elementary school Chinese tutor/classroom assistant volunteer



VMCVM c/o 2024!
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Jul 25, 2012
Right Coast
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K-State (if your prereq GPA is strong) and LMU

And post some pictures of your aquarium(s) ;)
Sep 18, 2020
  1. Pre-Veterinary
Thank you! My pre-req GPA isn't particularly strong probably closer to my science GPA. For LMU my one concern was having 4th year clinicals offsite - I have a cat and chinchilla who would be particularly difficult to move around :(

Photo tax for your help :D

IMG_5701 (1).jpg
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