WAMC cGPA 3.93, sGPA 3.89

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May 14, 2024
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Hi, I am applying to medical school this cycle and was wondering if anyone could help me with formulating a realistic school list. Also, if anyone would be willing to review my personal statement as well as some of my other writing I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  1. cGPA is 3.93 and sGPA is 3.89
  2. I have not taken the MCAT yet but am scoring around 516 of AAMC practice exams
  3. California
  4. Middle Eastern, female
  5. T200, small private school
  6. Around 300 hours of clinical experience
  7. 1000 hours in chemistry lab with publication on the way, and around 150 hours in molecular biology lab.
  8. Around 100 hours of shadowing experience (Cardiology and orthopedic surgery). Plan to shadow a dermatologist and primary care physician for another 100 hours or so.
  9. Around 400 hours of volunteering (distributing food to the unhoused community) and another 200 hours with crisis text line).
  10. Intramural basketball team and around 400-500 hours of teaching assistant work.
  11. I am taking a gap year and plan to continue my work as an EMT or as a medical assistant

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