May 20, 2019
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Hello! I posted on here a couple of months ago, but now I have my official calculated GPAs and hours. I am still quite nervous about my stats so that's why I am posting again! I am applying to TAMU (in-state), Texas Tech, Mizzou, Cornell, Tufts, Illinois, Purdue, UPenn, LMU, and CSU. I am not sure if it is worth applying to UPenn due to my GRE score and Mizzou due to their OOS GPA stats over the years. I also did show an uptrend in my grades if that helps!

Cumulative GPA: VMCAS: 3.69 | TMDSAS: 3.67
science GPA: VMCAS: 3.57 | TMDSAS: 3.58
last 45: 3.67 ish (rough estimate)

Any degrees achieved: Graduating this year.

GRE: 154/150/3.5 (super low so I may not have a chance for UPenn, haha. I did not decide to retake it since all my other schools do not require it. Also, I think UPenn does not consider the analytical score at all. )

Veterinary Experience: (I was supposed to do a wildlife internship, but I could not go due to COVID).
- 174 hours Mixed Animal Practice
- 350 hours Small Animal Practice

Animal Experience:
- 15 hours emergency foster during Hurricane Laura
- 50-60 ish hours volunteering at animal shelters
- 15 hours pet setting
- 3 hours of horse riding (idk if I should include this and add it to my VMCAS application)
- 200 hours animal ownership for TAMU

Research Experience:
- None

LORs: 2 from biochem and physics professors and 1 from a veterinarian

- Dean's List for 2 semesters
- Outstanding service award for HS orchestra

- Singing for many years
- Officer position for pre-vet club
- 4 years of orchestra in HS
- HS earth club
- Pen Pal during pandemic
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