Jan 4, 2021
Hello Everyone! I am applying this 2021/2022 cycle and just wanna know what my chances are at any of the texas MD Schools with my stats/activities. I am already taking a gap year and I'll be honest I don't want to have to take a second one, but if I have to I will. I would preferably like to stay in Texas.
  1. 3.82 cGPA, 3.80 sGPA, upward trend (according to TMDSAS) (AAMCAS - 3.75/3.72)
  2. MCAT: 508 (129/122/128/129)
  3. Ethnicity: Asian
  4. State: Texas
  5. Clinical experience: Hospital volunteer for 100 hours (had to stop due to COVID)
  6. Research experience: 2000 hours at my university experimenting with vagus nerve in rat brains. No publications.
  7. Shadowing: 50 hours with a plastic surgeon
  8. Non-clinical volunteering: Currently volunteering with the red cross and a food bank for underserved communities (200 hours projected)
  9. Leadership: Vice President of mental health club at my school and had some leadership experience in my research training new members
  10. LORs: Physician I shadowed, 2 Science professors, 1 non-science professor, hospital volunteer supervisor, and food bank volunteer supervisor
Any help is appreciated. Thank you all so much!

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