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Hey y'all. I'm not planning on applying for a while, I'm currently in my Junior year and plan to take 2 gap years. I wanted to go ahead throw out what my application looks like now to see what I can improve going forward. I am aware that my non-clinical hours are low. Is that going to be an issue considering my clinical volunteering hours?

Additionally, an MD/PhD is something I have been considering for a while. Is my application shaping up to be competitive for that?

Major: Biochemistry with a certificate in Scientific Computation
1) cGPA = 3.9157 sGPA = 3.895
2) MCAT 523, C&P 132, CARS 129, B&B 132, P&S 130
3) Texas
4) White, Jewish
5) Flagship state school
6) Clinical Experience: 764 hours total, 412 Compensated, 352 Volunteer
EMT Training: Summer 2019 - 72 hours clinical rotations.
EMT- Rural: Spring 2020-Current - 72 hours. Volunteer
Temperature Screener: Spring 2020 - Fall 2020 - 340 hours. Paid (COVID screening for employees in city infrastructure.)
Vaccinator: January 2021-Present: 280 hours. Volunteer (Administering COVID vaccine. Also helping with mixing and logistics.)
7) Research Experience: 374 hours total
Wet-Lab Research: Spring 2019-Fall 2019 - 224 Hours (Lab focusing on RNA)
Bioinformatics Research: Spring 2020 - Present: 150 hours (Genetics and Evolution possible wet lab as school reopens)
No productivity yet, but the bioinformatics lab will become my senior thesis next year.
8) Shadowing: 40 hours total
ENT: 8 hours
Geriatric Primary Care: 16 hours
Infectious Disease: 16 hours
9) Non-clinical volunteering: 72 hours Total
Fraternity philanthropy events: 2018 - Present: 72 hours
10) Other extracurricular activities:
Fraternity Academic and Leadership chair: Spring 2019 - Fall 2019
Campus EMS Research Chair: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 (Presented research at club meetings)
Campus EMS Logistics and Research Lead: Present (It's a separate position than the previous one for a committee that's preparing a report to go to various officials)
University Chorus: Spring 2019 - Spring 2020. (University Choir. Shut down when pandemic started)
Very involved in local Jewish community.
11) Honors or awards:
Campus GPA based honors lists
Will be applying for departmental honors
12) Anything else
I plan to take two gap years.
One year will be studying ethics in Israel, and I plan to volunteer with the Israeli EMS service while there. I'd imagine that since I'll be studying ethics the program will give me ample opportunity to get some substantive non-clinical volunteering as well.
The second year will be doing something productive in the States while I apply to medical school. Hopefully I get some sort of research fellowship but a clinical job would work if that failed.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if I can provide other information

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