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Jan 2, 2017
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Hey Everyone!

I would really appreciate some help on deciding if I should seriously apply with the stats that I have. I've recently started to look into Osteopathic schools to apply to however, my MCAT is unbalanced 506:127,122,128,129 and I think that might severely deter me from getting any attention. I did retake the MCAT 8/19 recently so I'am hoping for a better or more balanced score. my cGPA is 3.84 on the AMCAS scale and my sGPA is 3.87. I've never retaken a course so I believe the new GPA calculation rules DO schools are using won't apply to me.
My nationality is Pakistani but I have been living in NY for 18 years.

My most notable extracurriculars:
Played Volleyball (intramural) in university for 4 years.
Volunteered at my locals hospital's heart institute for 2 summers.
Summer research at the hospital 500+ hours.
Undergrad thesis in Immunology during my 4th year. 600+ hours No pub :(
President of my faculty's student council.
Co-founder of an organization on my campus called Queen's Helping the Homeless.
Volunteered as a camp guide for under-privileged children for 2 years.
Shadowed 3 physicians (~160 hours total) all MD though :/ (Trying to find DO physicians to shadow currently) and have 1 MD LoR.
and more...

My future aspirations are to go into Ophthalmology or IM. Although after shadowing surgeons and anesthesiologists, I have gained an interest in those fields as well.

I still have not submitted my primary for AACOMAS yet, but I plan to by Aug-30th. AACOMAS already has my transcript.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you.

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Have you applied to MD schools this cycle? You are competitive for all DO schools with your stats so apply to at least 8 and you should receive several interviews
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Hi Faha,

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I have applied to MD schools as well, and am just starting to receive my secondaries. I am applying quite broadly too.

With regards to DO schools, do you think it is okay I'm applying without any DO references?
Also, I have looked into Osteopathic medicine a bit through online research. I don't have a compelling argument why I want to become an Osteopathic physician over an Allopathic other than the fact that through OMT, I have an additional method to help my patients who would be good candidates for it. Besides that, my desire to become a physician is to be in the service of my patients, and become a leader in medicine, which applies to both fields.
Do you think I should bolster up my justification for applying? I realize many applications for DO schools ask "Why DO?"
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For MD schools be certain to include all 4 SUNY's, Albany and NYMC. Some DO schools require a DO LOR so you will need to check for each school. Your stats are good enough for all DO schools.