MD & DO WAMC MD & DO + School list help: 3.45 cGPA, 3.35 sGPA, 513 MCAT

Oct 21, 2019
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Hey there! Planning on applying for the 2021-2022 cycle but hesitant about my chances. Currently in gap year, any thoughts would be appreciated!

GPA: c3.45, s3.35 ; Upward trend starting 3rd year, 3.7 sGPA/cGPA last 60 hours

MCAT: 513 (127/128/129/129)

State: Texas

Ethnicity/race: Asian Male

Clinical experience:
Paid Employment: 2200 Hours as Medical Scribe in FM
Clinical Volunteering: 120 Hours at Children's Hospital ; School Nurse 50 Hours

Research: 270 Hours Literature Review Project ( 1st author publication in medium impact journal, 2 poster presentations) ; 60 Hours Neurology Lab

Shadowing: 140 Hours
- 20 hours Family Med (DO) (Rural medicine)
- 40 hours General Surgeon (MD) (Rural medicine)
- 50 hours Family Med (MD) (Rural medicine)
- 20 hours Pediatric Surgeon (MD) (Urban)

Non-clinical volunteering: 110 Hours Math and Science Tutor, 60 Hours Crisis Text Line

Leadership/Other ECs:
- 250 hours Leadership position in pre-health organization focused on rural medicine
- 530 hours paid employment as departmental office assistant in Health Sciences Center
- 100 hours paid employment as a middle school teacher with underserved students
- 2 years of club basketball and tennis
- Running a small art business for the last 7 years

Relevant honors or awards: Dean’s List Junior and Senior Year, Department of FM Scholarship Award

Current School List:

MD: All TMDSAS schools + TCU-UNT

DO: TCOM, Both Midwesterns, KCU-COM, Nova, DMU, Rocky Vista, Both AT-Stills


1) Even with the upward trend, GPA is a big issue. My biggest question is whether or not I need an SMP. With 1 semester of DIY postbacc I can get to 3.51 cGPA / 3.45 sGPA. SMP seems too high risk given my GPA and MCAT, thoughts?

2) Will definitely apply to both MD and DO. Since I'm a Texas resident, is it even worth applying OOS MD?

3) Little bit worried about non-clinical volunteering. Will focus on this in 2021.


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Sep 15, 2012
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You could receive interviews from your Texas MD schools. You should receive multiple DO interviews.
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