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May 1, 2018
Hey all,

I'm hoping that current MD/PhD students or ADCOMs can answer my question. I'm here with the classic "should I retake the MCAT?" question. I just got my score back today and got a 512 (127/127/128/130). I consistently scored 4-5 points higher on all my practice exams so I was bummed by this, and I know that a 512 is not going to make me stand out for any MD/PhD programs. I'm not gunning for T20 or anything, but I'm wondering if I should go ahead and try this cycle or hold off and retake.

For context, I'm white, have a good GPA (3.8) and 4 years research experience, lots of clinical experience, leadership, and good LORs. I'm not against taking another gap year if it means getting a better MCAT and not going through a whole app cycle in vain.

Thanks in advance!!!
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