Dec 16, 2020
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Hi :) I'm applying in the upcoming cycle and need help assembling a school list! I know I'm a very average applicant, so any suggestions to further strengthen my app are greatly appreciated. About me:

Stats: 3.74 GPA, 3.63 sGPA, 512 MCAT, ORM female
State ties: grew up in WV, undergrad in PA, working in CO now
Clinical Experience: 640 hours of clinical experience as a PCT on an ortho unit
Clinical Volunteering: 100 hours as an EMT, hospital greeter, and at planned parenthood
Nonclinical Volunteering: 130 hours at a food pantry & as a discussion leader with international students
Research: 400 hours at one lab throughout undegrad. 3 poster presentations. no pubs :(
Leadership: two leadership roles in two clubs (one pre-health, one honor society), undergrad TA for 2 years

Other stuff: got a job in clinical research so will be getting more clinical/research hours. Also have a Wilderness EMT cert.
I'm interested in applying MD and DO and casting a broad net of low/mid-tier schools. Here's what I have so far:

Marshall University
University of Pittsburgh
Penn State
University of Colorado
University of Vermont
Wake Forest
Rosalind Franklin
New York MC
Eastern Virginia
Oakland Beaumont
Jun 5, 2020
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Pretty good list. I'd probably add Jefferson and Geisinger in PA. U Mass is probably not a strong choice given low OOS acceptance and higher median MCAT. Maybe add Kentucky schools if they are friendly to those with WV ties.
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May 28, 2014
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Good application and pretty good list to start, but I would have at least 20-25 schools total.

Consider: Jefferson, TCMC, Georgetown, George Washington.
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