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WAMC - non traditional student, meh GPA, well rounded otherwise


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jun 19, 2018
Currently sitting at 3.3 cgpa 3.4/3.5 45 and 3.4 m/s.
Have worked as a technician for over a decade and have hundreds if not thousands of hours (both volunteer and paid positions) in large and small animal arenas, leadership roles and active in the community and try to be active on campus. I have 2 children, I’m 34 and went back to school after a decade off and although I had a not so great start back (Cs in gen chem 1/2, physics 1 and 2 art/humanities all online, was also working at the time) but then transferred to current brick and mortar in the 4/5 semesterschool, all As and Bs besides a C+ in BCMB and a recent C+ in orgo 2 thanks to Covid.
All animal science courses A/B and depending on this summers classes, all 3 gpas should increase at least a little. GRE competitive but thankfully the school I am applying to is waiving it this year!

What are my


Trash Panda C/O 2022
5+ Year Member
May 16, 2016
with the livestock
  1. Veterinary Student
If you can lay out your application it this format with best estimated hours that would be most helpful considering many schools evaluate applicants with different emphasis on different parts of their applications.

Schools I want to apply to&home state:


Science GPA:
Last 45 GPA:


Vet Experiences:

Animal Experiences:


Letters of recommendation:

Background info:

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VMCVM c/o 2024
7+ Year Member
Jul 25, 2012
  1. Veterinary Student
I’m 32 and had multiple acceptances with a 3.06 cumulative GPA (previous degree increases an unrelated field) and a 4.0 last 45. It’ll really depend on which school is your in-state, where you choose to apply, and what sets you apart.

This may sound creepy but didn’t you apply before and get waitlisted? If yes, did you do a file review with the school?


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jun 19, 2018
Schools I want to apply to&home state: Tennessee (I am unable to go elsewhere, not realistically)

Degrees: none atm but am on the 3+1 concentration for my bachelors in ansc

cGPA: 3.3
Science GPA: 3.2
Last 45 GPA: 3.4/3.5

GRE: Not required this year thanks to COVID but had a combined score of 300 and a writing score of 4.5/5. Scheduled to take it again to see if I can improve because I took it 2 years ago at this point.

Vet Experiences: Have worked as a technician in an ER 3.5 years, before that numerous GP and several non-profit spay/neuter services. Currently work-study at UT Animal Hospital. Pet Poison Hotline, online Vet Tech education (Penn Foster) that UT does not accept credits from

Animal Experiences: board member for 501c3 dog rescue, volunteer with animal shelters for 15+ years, horse rescue, other dog rescues. Work with a therapy dog initiative through UT, Canine Trainer Certification, Fear Free Certified, Pet Nutrition Coach, certificate of completion of multiple CE

Honors/Awards: Non-traditional student scholarship, Technician of the month at ER

Letters of recommendation: Organic Chem professor, Undergrad advisor/Genetics professor, ANSC anatomy professor, 2 veterinarians, 1 animal product company owner for whom I was a product tester and consultant.

Background info: 34 year old mother of two, went back to school a few years ago to pursue DVM which has been my dream since childhood. I initially went to school in GA after high school to get some Gen Eds, stopped because I got pregnant and spent about a decade out of school raising my kids. When I went back, I started back with Gen Chem and Physics and severely underestimated how I needed to adjust my time to study and came out of those classes with C's. Took 2 art/humanities courses at the same time, online, and received C's in those classes as well. Transferred to Tennessee (my IS) and have had a significant upward trend since then and have plenty of experience hours for both vet and animal related and have experiences that are not animal related like class mother for my kids, cheerleading coach, meals on wheels, etc. Received a C in Orgo 2 this semester that we went online for COVID but my organic professor is writing me a LOR to make sure the message is received that while I received a C I am not a C student and that I go the extra mile to make sure I understand the material and that my education is a priority.

Questions: This is all a very, very brief view of my life and myself as a student.... I have applied/interviewed at UTCVM and was told during the file review that I was a "very well rounded candidate" but they needed to see more "upper level math and science" courses. Which I have tried to do, but I can only fit in so many classes a semester because of my schedule as a parent and while still working. I am meeting with the dean of admissions for the vet school shortly before the app deadline this year to get help drafting my disadvantage statement so that I successfully explain that taking 12 hours a semester was not because I couldn't handle the workload but because of how the classes were scheduled and that I have shown a significant upward trend in my grades since returning to school (I had a 3.8ish before I stopped the first time). I don't know if my GPA is going to be enough yet but am hopeful.
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